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Seaing Breath

SEAing Breath offers a virtual reality experience with breath biofeedback for the SEA LEVEL RISE Program by Miami-Dade County and the University of Miami.SEAing Breath offers a game-like embodied educational experience about sea level rise, climate change and breathing techniques. The users can sense how virtual environments become adaptive to breathing.The breath is in-sync with ‘sea creatures’ to learn about sea level rise and more.

SEAing Breath has been presented at museums and other public venues to hundreds beings all ages and backgrounds for free. It will further provide the opportunity to access the latest technology, scientific research and health-improving breathing techniques in public venues at no cost.

Upcoming venues include the Frost Science Museum, Pérez Art Museum Miami, schools and universities to truly enact social justice, environmental engagements and change: by making technology and science embodied accessible for all for free!

The SEAing Breath project merges modern technology and the user’s experience to learn about the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in a somatic (embodied) way.

We believe the embodied and immersive VR with biofeedback experience can result in more environmental and personal internal awareness, and actions to support wellbeing of ocean, people and planet.



hannes bend — producer, researcher

Gordey Chernyy — art direction, programming

Mariya Mishurenko — design, programming

Kyle Scott Wilson — sound design & music

Paula Andrea Barros — voice talent

Travis Roig - sound engineer for voice recording