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AR for Kia


  • Commissioned by Wallplay and Imaginary Media for Kia Forte
  • Graphic programmer: Gordey Chernyy
  • Project manager: Kate Freer 
  • Visual inspiration : GAZOO
  • Hardware & interface: Imaginary Media
  • Video from event: Avery McCarthy

Augmented reality application for  Kia Forte

Augmented reality application for live Kia Forte «To the moon» event is an infinite runner designed in hi-tech style, which featured a live model of the car set against a generative projections environment, providing virtual experience. 

Imaginary Media engineers hacked the Kia Forte to control the projected environment. Maria Mishurenko and Gordey Chernyy designed and programmed the application. Participants used the wheel, pedals, and wind shield wipers to effect the world around them. 

My role: experiential designer, junior graphic programmer